About the Survey Unit

The Survey Unit is housed within the World Bank’s Development Data Group (DECDG). The Survey Unit coordinates WBG research and innovation in the design, implementation and dissemination of surveys. Our initiatives include research on best practices for data collection; scalable, out-of-the box software for household surveys; analysis and dissemination tools to support the World Bank’s Open Bank, Open Data, Open Knowledge initiative; and a partnership to develop standard, integrated household surveys on agriculture around the globe.

The Survey Unit provides a single point of contact on all aspects of the survey value chain from collection to dissemination. We can help you:

  • Build on existing resources or start from scratch to create a survey that captures the information you need.
  • Determine your target survey population and how best to reach them.
  • Decide how you will collect the data and prepare your questions, devices, networks, and tools.
  • Develop a strategy for organizing field teams to maximize data collection speed, efficiency and quality.
  • Provide technical assistance to aggregate, document, preserve, and anonymize your data.
  • Store and disseminate the data in an accessible and secure way.

When it comes to statistical know-how, no one has better resources, technology and staffing expertise than the World Bank’s Survey Unit. We can help you improve questionnaire design, fieldwork organization, sampling, data entry, aggregation and disaggregation, and data dissemination and curation. Our teams include:

  • Living Standards Measurement Study: We offer technical assistance on best practices for all aspects of survey design and implementation. With more than 30 years of research and experience working with national statistics offices, our experts will help you conduct high-quality, complex household surveys around the world.
  • Computational Tools: We assemble specialists in programming, advanced econometrics, and geographic information systems (GIS). We create world-class software products for data collection and microeconomic analysis, including our off-the-shelf Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) software, Survey Solutions.
  • Data Curation and Dissemination: We offer software and guidelines on the documentation, preservation, anonymization, and dissemination of microdata used by the statistics offices of more than 75 countries. The team manages the Microdata Catalog, one of the world’s largest collections of development-related survey data.
  • Center for Development Data: Based in Rome, Italy, we partner with World Bank clients and academic institutions to increase the quality of sustainable development data by promoting survey integration and best practices.