Measuring Employment and Work in Sri Lanka

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LSMS team members Amparo Palacios-Lopez and Akuffo Amankwah spent the last two weeks in Sri Lanka, working closely with the World Bank Gender group, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS), Sri Lanka.

With the support of Peter Betts (Office for National Statistics, UK), staff from the DCS were trained on cognitive interviewing techniques. This was the first phase of a pilot study on the measurement of employment and work under the Women’s Work and Employment Partnership (WWEP), a joint effort to operationalize the new definitions of work and employment adopted in 2013 by the 19th International Conference of Labor Statisticians (ICLS).

Akuffo also led a 2-day training on the Survey Solutions CAPI software for the DCS staff, which will be used in the second phase of the pilot study.