Training for Malawi’s 2019/20 Surveys Has Commenced!

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Training for Malawi’s Fifth Integrated Household Survey (IHS5) 2019/20 and the Integrated Household Panel Survey (IHPS) 2019 has commenced!

The Malawi National Statistical Office (NSO), in collaboration with the World Bank's Living Standards Measurement Study, will field the IHS5 from April 2019 to April 2020. The IHS5 is the fifth cross-sectional survey in the series and will cover approximately 12,480 households. The fourth (2019) round of the IHPS will run concurrently with the IHS5 fieldwork and will target a national sample of 2,500 households that had been previously interviewed in 2016, 2013 and 2010. The IHS5/IHPS will be implemented using the World Bank Survey Solutions CAPI and CAWI platform.

Beyond providing an updated poverty profile for Malawi, the household, agriculture, fisheries, and community questionnaire instruments administered by the IHS5/IHPS will allow for detailed analyses and research on a range of topics in support of national and international monitoring efforts and evidence-based policymaking aimed at improving the lives of ordinary Malawians.

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