CSPro Master Class

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The CSPro programming language allows for writing programming logic for its Data Entry and Batch Edit applications. In Data Entry applications, it is possible to write logic to control and check the keying operation as it progresses. In Batch Edit applications, logic can be used to identify and correct errors after data capture is complete. In both cases, the programming language of CSPro is versatile and allows the user to "invent" ad-hoc solutions to a wide range of situations. This 3-day training course on CSPro programming was held for the Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics team members involved with data processing. The main topics included were: - User-Defined Functions: CSPro syntax and rules - A set of user-defined functions: Skip Override and Skip Management - Running external applications from CSPro - Useful external applications: Replace, Zip, Unzip - Different alternatives for creating your own external application: Dos Batch, VBscript - A CSPro empowering pack: InputBox, MsgBox, FolderCreate, FolderDelete and others - Parameterizing a CSPro application and using it for different data processing needs