Tanzania Conference on LSMS Data

More than 100 researchers, policymakers, and development practitioners gathered in Dar es Salaam in February 2017 to attend the first of a series of conferences to discuss the use of household panel data produced under the LSMS-ISA project. 18 papers using the data were presented on topics ranging... Read more

Sampling for Surveys

The objective of this course is to provide staff with a clear understanding of the key issues involved in selecting samples of households, enterprises, facilities or individuals to be included in various surveys. It covers the basics of sampling, both in theory and in practical terms. The module is... Read more

Household Surveys in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

This course is provided to train staff in how to collect data using a multi-topic integrated household survey. This course provides information on all relevant issues and procedures involved in the collection of high-quality household survey data. The course includes sessions on (a) key issues to... Read more

Measuring Violent Conflict in Micro-Level Surveys

The World Bank, in cooperation with the International Security and Development Center and the Households in Conflict Network organized an international training course on how to measure violent conflict in micro-level surveys. The course strengthened the capacity of the participants from national... Read more

Collection, Processing and Dissemination of Household Survey Data

The World Bank LSMS-ISA team held the fourth annual workshop for government officials from the national statistics offices of the seven LSMS-ISA partner countries in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The first day of the workshop consisted of presentations and discussion on key aspects of data management,... Read more

Economic Analysis Using Stata/Introduction to CSPro

In this second workshop with the second cohort of participants, the World Bank-CMAAE team focused on intermediate economic analysis using Stata, as well as an introduction to the data management and processing software CSPro. Participants built on their knowledge of Stata from the previous workshop... Read more

Multi-Topic Household Surveys/Economic Analysis Using Stata

With this workshop, the World Bank-CMAAE team welcomed a new cohort of participants to the second workshop series conducted jointly by the LSMS-ISA and CMAAE programs. The workshop focused on a general introduction to multi-topic household surveys, as well as an introduction to economic analysis... Read more

Economic Analysis Using Stata II

This joint World Bank-CMAAE three-day workshop built upon the first Stata training to introduce participants to using panel data in Stata. Participants reviewed and reinforced skills in data manipulation and analysis and learned techniques for 'real world' data analysis (such as dealing with... Read more

Economic Analysis Using Stata I

In addition to developing and implementing a rigorous curriculum for Masters students, an important component of the CMAAE project is to build skills and research capacity among faculty. Towards this end, a joint World Bank-CMAAE three-day workshop was held on conducting economic analysis using... Read more

Challenges in Collecting Household-Level Livestock Data in Africa

Teams from the World Bank LSMS-ISA project and the Livestock Data Innovation in Africa (LDIA) project organized a joint workshop to discuss existing challenges in collecting household-level livestock data and methods of improving the current situation of livestock statistics in Africa. Technical... Read more