Burkina Faso

NEW - The data from the 2014 Enquête Multisectorielle Continue are now available for downloading free of charge.


The LSMS-ISA project is supporting the design and implementation of a multi-topic household panel survey, with the purpose of building capacity for the implementation of household surveys. The ultimate objective of the work is to improve the quality, timeliness, and relevance of household-level agricultural statistics in Burkina Faso, with an emphasis on sustainability, capacity building, and improving data collection methods.


The multi-topic household panel survey will be implemented by the L'Institut national de la statistique et de la démographie (INSD). The LSMS team will be responsible for the management and technical design of the project, as well as for the provision of technical assistance and the support of analytical work resulting from the collected data.



Sampling and Survey Design

Sampling and survey design work is currently under discussion.

Questionnaire Design

The multi-topic questionnaires are under discussion; they will be posted here upon finalization.


Field Work Implementation

Information regarding the intended implementation process for the Burkina Faso multi-topic household panel survey will be posted upon finalization of plans.


Data Documentation and Dissemination

The data from the 2014 EMC are available for download. The Burkina Faso integrated household survey data are disseminated via the LSMS and INSD websites.