ADePT Education

ADePT Education was developed as a joint effort of EdStats and DECRG. The purpose of this new tool is to pull common educational indicators out of microlevel survey data and present it in a print-ready form, facilitating further analysis by researchers. Using ADePT, a researcher can access over 15 predefined tables that present information on over 30 educational indicators. These indicators are disaggregated by such categories as level of education, gender, area of residence (urban/rural), household wealth, and the gender and educational level of household head. Tables are also grouped into categories: school participation, progression, attainment, and education expenditures. ADePT Education also provides 30 graphs on educational attainment and enrollment. ADePT Education Indicator Definitions.


  • Using example dataset with ADePT Education Module
  • adept_blg.dta Input Data (Stata 9.2 dataset format)
  • adept_education.ini

Output reports

  • Output file for ADePT Education Module, pdf
  • Output file for ADePT Education Module, xls