ADePT Gender

ADePT Gender produces tables and graphs using household surveys to help diagnose and analyze gender inequalities. ADePT Gender is organized around the framework proposed by the World Development Report 2012 on Gender Equality and Development. The Module covers gender differences in outcomes in the three primary dimensions of gender equality: human capital (or endowments), economic opportunities and voice and agency. Outcomes are disaggregated by gender and by population groups such as sex of household head, age groups, place of residence, and income. This diagnostic not only helps to profile a country in terms of gender equality, but also facilitates a better understanding of the gender dimensions of poverty. This should help make mainstreaming gender analysis standard practice in poverty and labor diagnosis.


Input Data (Stata 9.2 dataset format)

  • Using example dataset with ADePT Gender Module
  • adept_ex.dta
  • gender.adept

Output reports

  • Output file for ADePT Gender Module, pdf
  • Output file for ADePT Gender Module, xls