ADePT Health

ADePT Health allows users to produce quickly and with a minimal risk of errors most tables that have become standard in applied health equity analysis. ADePT’s tables are in a standardized format and are based on a set of methods that are widely accepted in the literature. However, ADePT Health also allows considerable flexibility in terms of specific assumptions. Through its standardized tables, ADePT Health facilitates comparisons of health equity over time within and between countries.

ADePT Health uses the methods outlined in Analyzing Health Equity Using Household Survey Data: A Guide to Techniques and Their Implementation (Washington DC, World Bank, 2008) by Owen O'Donnell, Eddy van Doorslaer, Adam Wagstaff and Magnus Lindelow. Copies of the book can be ordered online or downloaded for free from, where Powerpoint self-teaching tutorials on health equity methods are ALSO available for download, along with customizable Stata do files for analysts who are comfortable with Stata programming. ADePT Health will appeal to the health equity analyst who wants to focus on data-preparation, interpreting results, and thinking about policy implications, rather than on Stata programming. ADePT Health dramatically reduces the time taken to prepare standard health equity tables, and makes more widely accessible all the methods covered in Analyzing Health Equity.

ADePT’s Health Financing module covers:

  • Progressivity of health care finance—chapter 16 of Analyzing Health Equity
  • Redistributivity of health care finance—chapter 17
  • Catastrophic out-of-pocket payments—chapter 18
  • Poverty and out-of-pocket payments—chapter 19

ADePT’s Health Outcomes module covers:

  • Inequalities in health—chapters 5, 7-9 and 13 of Analyzing Health Equity
  • Inequity in health utilization—chapter 15
  • Benefit incidence analysis—chapter 14

Please check regularly for updates to the software. Guides to the program (including video tutorials in multiple languages) will follow shortly. Examples of output based on the examples in Analyzing Health Equity will also be available, as will the datasets used in the book. ADePT Health Financing (1:53)