ADePT Inequality

ADePT Inequality is an application for the analysis of income and consumption distributions. It calculates all the main scalar measures of inequality in current use, graphs Lorenz and Generalized Lorenz curves, and decomposes inequality by population subgroups and income sources (or expenditure types). Where data is available for more than one year, the program generates growth incidence curves and decomposes changes in inequality into their various components.


Input Data

  • Using example dataset with ADePT Inequality Module
  • adept_2002.dta (Stata 9.2 dataset format)
  • adept_2003.dta (Stata 9.2 dataset format)
  • adept_2007.dta (Stata 9.2 dataset format)
  • all data as a single archive
  • project_inequality.ini

Output reports

  • Output of ADePT Inequality module, pdf
  • Output of ADePT Inequality module, xls