Data have their broadest use and utility if they can be discovered and used by a broad range of users. The most cost effective and efficient way to do that is to display the information online in such a way that makes it possible for users to discover, browse, search and download the metadata and microdata from an online platform. The World Bank and International Household Survey Network provide a free and open source solution for producers of data who wish to disseminate survey data and metadata. The software is called the National Data Archive (NADA) and is currently deployed at National Statistics Offices in 80 countries and multiple international agencies.

Key Features:

  • Open Source PHP application.
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux with very low resource overhead.
  • Handles metadata compliant with the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) standard.
  • Facilitates browsing, searching, filtering and downloading metadata and microdata.
  • Provides a full featured secure administrative interface that allows managers of the system to apply access control polices at the survey level and to monitor and administer requests made by users.

The NADA platform was originally designed to support only the DDI standard and survey and census microdata. User feedback and requests from users have always guided the development path of the NADA platform. The needs of users have changed over time as statistics are generated from new sources or combinations of sources of data. To address changing needs a new version of the NADA is being developed. The new version will accept and facilitate, in addition to new and existing versions of DDI, the display and dissemination of multiple metadata standards and data types.

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